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Requesting Unban from all Server for myself [LOCKED]

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:05 pm
by korochanjin1411
it's been 2 days since I got banned and I requesting for unban because I don't understand why I got banned. I haven't teamkill, or anything that against the server rules. instead I don't mind getting teamkilled by the others. before I got ban, I killed at least around 200 or 400 bots and died 9 times. maybe the other players thought I was cheating by knowing all the bot's spawn points. I know all the bot's spawn points because I remember it on each map. does killing bots with C4 on their spawn points against the rules? I did tell them to kill the bots on their spawn points but the players thought I was cheating.

Re: Requesting Unban from all Server for myself

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:11 am
by Twombley
korochanjin1411, You were more than likely asked VIA game chat by a insGamer server admin to stop going ahead of your team to plant C4 on bot spawns and horde all of the kills. We are trying to promote fair play for everyone, rushing ahead leaves your TEAM behind.
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1.EVERYONE has a right to play - Be it a newbie or a veteran player, every skill level is welcomed.
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4.DO NOT molotov or incediniary spam absurd amounts on counterattacks, thus effecting line of sight on enemy targets.
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Re: Requesting Unban from all Server for myself

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:57 am
by korochanjin1411
Thank you for replying, well I guess it can't be helped I used to rush on myself in front of my team. And maybe I need to let them lead or taking the bots. Anyway, is there any chance for me for getting unban?

Re: Requesting Unban from all Server for myself

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:44 pm
by Twombley
Youre ban is expired now, try to consider the rules next time you play in our servers, and keep an eye on the chat for when other players type, or our admins type to you or others.