Unban request for servers "35 Angry Bots #1" and "35 Angry Bots #2". [LOCKED]

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Unban request for servers "35 Angry Bots #1" and "35 Angry Bots #2". [LOCKED]

Post by Xzylo » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:09 am

I was vote kicked from server #1 due to inactivity, but that was because I had just joined the server and I was setting up my loadout. Normally that wouldn't be a problem for most people, but I had spawned in while adjusting my loadout and happened to be the last person standing. Needless to say, I was kicked almost immediately because the people on the server were too impatient. I actually have no idea why I was kicked from server #2. I was doing pretty well and supporting my team. Apparently, I was kicked for shooting other players, but that barely happened and only on accident. The only instance I could have seen myself shooting another player a lot was when I accidentally ALT-Tabbed out of the game, but even that's a stretch. Server #2 also happened to have actual problem players before I was banned, and the people on the server were in the process of getting rid of them. I can only assume that they must have thought that I had caused some of the problems. Anyway, it would be greatly appreciated if you would unban me from those servers. My username is Xzylo.Thank you in advance.
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Re: Unban request for servers "35 Angry Bots #1" and "35 Angry Bots #2".

Post by Twombley » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:19 am

Hello Xzylo, I apologize for the late reply.

If you were banned by other players in game, we have 4 servers, you can still get on 2 of 4, it will be reset in time on its own. (I do not remember how long).

If you were banned by an admin we could remove it with a small chat depending on why you were banned. If you would like too, I would appreciate if you added me to steam friends, the problem with the public servers is that vote ban (kick) gets abused, and when two people choose to vote a person out, most pub players do not care if you are a regular, new, or did nothing but play the game and will click yes to kicking you. The best thing you can do is wait it out, and we appreciate you being a player on our servers.
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