Teamkiller, Napalm spammer, Voice chat grieffer.

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Teamkiller, Napalm spammer, Voice chat grieffer.

Post by MozinorPrésident » Wed May 15, 2019 9:42 am

(A) = u_val_(R.I.P X) -

(B) Liamosh -

Both of them do spam napalm at each intersection. They do believe the own the servers. When i joined i was welcome with unpleasant voice chat toward me. I muted the one talking, then the other replaced him so i muted him too.

Player (A) teamkilled me on purpose on chateau_tunnel on the server EU 3. He then died in a failed rush. And it was the end of the game. I had joined during the 5th round and managed to carry them to the elevator, where i died.

Player (B) try to teamkill me on bagdad on server EU3, but i got rid of him 1st . I won the votemap (random luck), i joined 1st and when they joined the round was started so they were forced to watch me. they started a votekick towards me but it was only them and me online so it didn"t proceed). I took my time to secure the surroundings of A, leaving 3 bots missing. (i try to play slow and safe, but for them i went an extra step safer ;) ) so player (A) left, then since i had no major grief with player (B) i capped objective Alpha, and then he started a fight with me, a fight he lost.

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