Request ban clarification (maybe unban after that)

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Request ban clarification (maybe unban after that)

Post by blizzard36 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:44 am


I recently got kicked from one of your Sandstorm servers, by process of elimination it must have been the Strictly Tactical one since it wasn't any of the Angry Bots and I shouldn't be able to access any of the others on your server list. But I'm still unclear what rule I broke to get the kick/ban. I can't find any link to the rules here, though I've found 2 ways to get to server status, and was following the rules as explained by one of the regulars in the match after getting warned.

I just ventured into Public servers 2 or 3 weeks ago, found the Angry Bots servers and immediately fell in love with that setting. But I wanted something milder today so I looked for another server, saw the insGamer name, and went there. I played the same there as I had for weeks on Angry Bots with no problems just faster, but it caused issues this time. Not sure if the rules are different or just that the Angry Bot environment forces you to play the way the admins wanted.

After the warning it was explained to me that you want to clear all the surrounding enemies before pushing on to the objective, and after exploding one thinking that meant just caps it was made clear that included demos. Ok, fine. I can get on-board with that. It means more points for the team overall since we're going for clean sweep runs, guarantees I'll have the thermite available for counter attacks, and I can save the weight from the C4 since we'll just plant manually. (All of which explained the until then confusing number of manual plants I was seeing.) All of those are pluses and I had no problems for the rest of that map and the next one by just not going onto the point until others were already there and hopping off it to make sure it didn't cap out while the team was consolidating.

The next map is when I got kicked, and leaves me very confused since I hadn't changed how I was playing. I was the 3rd or 4th person onto the point (one was close to the point, but I'm not sure if they were actually on). Now, at the time I got kicked I WAS the only person there, so possibly the admin saw me up there again and thought I was violating again, but that was only because the other guys had been killed as we fought over the objective. We hadn't made any cap progress that I saw since it was contested the entire time, and I stayed because it forced the enemy to leave cover and enter the killboxes.

To me this is pretty standard tactical play and was in line with the rules as briefly explained to me, so I am left wondering what I did wrong and the extent of the ban. (The first warning had mentioned a "time out" so I'm assuming a temp ban.)

Note that I am not requesting an Unban just yet, I will wait until this situation is clarified for that. I recognize that If my view of "tactical" and that server's view of "tactical" are divergent enough it may be best for all of us if I stay off it. I mostly want to make sure I haven't unwittingly been breaking rules on Angry Bots this whole time, since I have enjoyed those servers immensely.

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