Problem with Engineer abilities.

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Problem with Engineer abilities.

Post by AnthroHak » Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:04 am

I've been playing on these servers for over a year now, and just now started trying the Engineer class. Everything works, except abilities 5-6 won't spawn anything. When I CTRL and SHIFT and hold "F" to bring up the menu, I can place 1-4. But on pressing number 5 for IED Jammer, and 6 for Ammo Bag, it won't place them, and the menu letters don't even light up like they do when placing sandbags to show that it was selected.

Is the something I'm doing wrong? I've already uninstalled the game and re-installed but with no luck.

Thank you in advance,

- AnthroHak

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Re: Problem with Engineer abilities.

Post by [insG]DeltaMike » Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:48 am


Sorry for the late reply and hopefully you will see this. The problem is that Insurgency ships (default you download) without the keys past four binded because you do not use them in the default game. Using anything after the 4 key is an ability given from the server through SourceMod.

Read this article, I have linked the appropriate reply/answer to your problem. ... 5476206604

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