Tips & Tricks for Insurgency

Tips and Tricks for Insurgency acts as a Frequently Asked Questions database for our Insurgency (Source engine) series of servers. Please refer here first for questions, if you need any clarification or help with anything outside the scope of these tips feel free to join our Discord and ask in the appropriate channel.

The Save Loadout Compact Inventory Interface does exactly what it is described as. It minimizes use of the right window pane of the inventory selection menu allowing you to view most if not all of your inventory selection. At the same time it allows you to save your loadout on all our servers without having to type a command, a simple Save Loadout button is located on the lower half of the right pane.

How to download and install

  1. Download the Save Loadout Compact Inventory Interface LOCATED HERE.
  2. Once downloaded, you have to simply place the file (compact_inventory.vpk) into the "custom" directory of your Insurgency (insurgency2) game install. You can typically locate your custom directory here: Steam\steamapps\common\insurgency2\insurgency\custom (If the "custom" folder does not exist, simply create it).
  3. You are done -- simply delete this modification if needed to remove it and revert any changes.

To Prevent Crashing (especially on map change) there is the option to turn down your 'Paged Pool Memory Available' setting. Due to the size of our modification and some of the maps, plus any modifications you are subscribed to or are running yourself, pushes the Source engine to it's limit. This may or may not work for you in terms as a fix.

How to change setting

  1. Launch Insurgency.
  2. From the main menu, go to 'Settings', then to 'Video' settings.
  3. At the very bottom of the video settings is one named 'Paged Pool Memory Available', set this to 'Low'
    Make sure you restart your game before joining a server.

The No Flashlight Blinding Effect Steam Workshop modification by Nullifidan removes the glare effect of flashlights when they are directed towards you.

How to find and subscribe

  1. Have Steam launched in order for the following link to work.
  2. Click the following link: No Flashlight Blinding Effect Workshop Modification (Browser may prompt for permission to open link within Steam.)
  3. Once you have successfully navigated to the Steam Workshop page, click the green +Subscribe button and you are done.

An Inconsistency Error is usually encountered when joining a server and your files are not matching those the server is enforcing, therefore not allowing you to join.

How to fix

  1. Open Steam, then navigate to your Game Library.
  2. Locate Insurgency in your library, then right click and select 'Properties' at the bottom of the menu.
  3. When the Properties window is open for Insurgency, find the 'Local Files' tab.
  4. In the Local Files window find the button labeled 'Verify integrity of game files' and select/click it.
  5. Let this process run, once complete, DO NOT immediately launch the game. The process of verifying your files in reality is only partially done. It has gone ahead and verified the core files for the game, but has yet to pull the recent version of Workshop files, this is done in the first few minutes after the initial verify process is done. To see the status of this Workshop content update you can navigate in Steam to Library > Downloads and view the content being pulled.
    Summary: Run verify integrity of game files, let the process finish, wait another ~5 minutes.

Wondering how to Join a Server Quicker is probably one of the most frequent questions amongst the community we encounter. The best way to be ready to play and get into our servers as fast as possible is to have the content we push to you already preloaded on your end. This guide will discuss the two types of content we push, "Required" and "On Demand" and how each impacts you.

How to Join a Server Quicker

REQUIRED CONTENT: Required content is content you are going to need regardless of which map you are playing on, and is usually a one time download (unless updated by server administrator.) This includes the custom theater (the core modification that adds all the weapons to the game.) If you have never played on our servers, and have never obtained a copy of our modification, the following steps would benefit you:

  1. Navigate to the Server Modifications page for insGamer.
  2. From that page, you can filter the modifications shown from All Servers down to the particular server you are interested in and subscribe from there.

ON DEMAND CONTENT: On Demand content comes in the form of maps. We refer to this as 'On Demand' content simply because it is loaded on an as needed basis (example: a map you have never played and now has to be loaded.) This has historically been where if you have a slower network connection would also greatly benefit your experience to have the maps preloaded.

  1. Navigate to the Server Maps page for insGamer.
  2. From that page, you can filter for the particular map(s) you are interested in subscribing to on Steam Workshop, or you can alternatively click here (opens in Steam) and click +Subscribe to all.